Moto Stem Bundle AVM



With the SP Connect™ MOTO STEM BUNDLE AVM you can attach your smartphone to your supersport motorcycle easily.

Mount the MOTO STEM MOUNT in the steering column shaft of your motorcycle and within seconds you can attach your SP Connect™ PHONE CASE (or UNIVERSAL INTERFACE) by placing it on the mount and locking it with a 90° turn. The mount fits inner diameters of 12-15mm, 15-18mm, 18-21mm, 21-24mm, 24-27mm and 27-30mm.

Your mobile phone is securely positioned right in the center of your vision, allowing you to navigate, access your playlists, read messages. Use the Weather Cover to protect your phone from rain and dirt as well as to provide additional shock resistance if necessary.

To further protect your smartphone the ANTI VIBRATION MODULE included in this bundle has a unique vibration damping system that cuts vibrations originating from the motor by up to 60% (depending on bike & phone model). To utilize it simply exchange the existing head on the Moto Mount Pro with the new module.


Anti Vibration Module (incl. in all bundles)

  • CNC machined from aircraft grade aluminum 
  • Reduces vibrations by up to 60%
  • Easy to mount
  • Wireless Charging Module compatible


Cover / Interface:

Phone Case

  • Slim, protective, functional
  • Use of all ports and buttons
  • 3-layer case construction for ultimate safeguarding
  • QI charging remains possible ¹

Weather Cover

  • Protects against rain, sweat, dust or mud
  • Adds shock resistance to your phone


 Universal Phone Case

  • Universal case for smartphones in 2 sizes (M or L)
    M: 70x153 mm / L: 80x165 mm  
  • Protects against rain, sweat, dust or mud


 Universal Interface

  • 3M™ adhesive
  • Secure and low-profile interface
  • Size: 66 x 55 mm (2.6 x 2.17 inches)




    Moto Stem Mount

    • For supersport motorcycles (clip-on handlebars)
    • CNC machined from aircraft aluminum
    • Portrait / landscape option
    • Stainless steel hardware
    • For diameters: 12-15mm, 15-18mm, 18-21mm, 21-24mm, 24-27mm, 27-30mm

    Attention: If you are using a smartphone with a mechanical image stabilizer, we recommend the use of our additional vibration reducing module, Anti Vibration Module to best prevent possible damage to your phone's camera caused by vibrations from motorcycle engines. In case you still experience problems, please do not use the product in combination with this smartphone and contact the manufacturer of your smartphone if you are unsure.

    Note: Thick screen protectors or gloves can limit the usability of your touchscreen in combination with the Weather Cover. The Weather Cover can further affect the homebutton functionality of iPhone SE (2020), 8, 8 Plus, 7 & 7 Plus. This can be compensated by enabling the software homebutton (Assistive Touch).

    ¹ Wirelessly charging the iPhone 12 series in combination with the SP Connect Phone Case is possible with a wide variety of inductive chargers. Best results are obtained if the components of both the USB cable and power adapter comply with the QC 3.0 standard (Quick Charge 3.0) or higher. Inductive charging with the Apple MagSafe charger is not possible.

    Moto Stem Bundle AVM

        1x Phone Case 
        1x Weather Cover
       1x Moto Stem Mount
        Plastic spacing cones
       1x Anti Vibration Module

            1x StandTool


    Moto Stem Bundle AVM Universal:

            1x Universal Interface
       1x Moto Stem Mount
        Plastic spacing cones
       1x Anti Vibration Module

            1x StandTool


    Moto Stem Bundle AVM Universal Phone Case:

       1x Universal Phone Case
       1x Moto Stem Mount
        Plastic spacing cones
       1x Anti Vibration Module

            1x StandTool

    What if my phone model is not listed on the product page?

    If you can’t find your phone in the variants shown, then we suggest that you choose the universal bundle which includes the Universal Interface. This way the patented SP Connect twist to lock mechanism can be used with almost any device either directly on your phone or on a case of your choice.


    Does the Weather Cover make my phone waterproof?

    The Weather Cover makes your phone weatherproof not waterproof. It will keep off rain, snow, sweat or mud but cannot protect it if your phone is submerged in water.

    If my phone is QI chargeable, can it still be charged with the case on?

    The case does not impair QI charging. If your phone is QI compatible, then it still is when it is in the Phone Case. This applies for all suggested chargers that are recommended by the manufacturer of you phone.


    Will the Universal Interface (included in the Universal Bundles) stick to my device?

    The 3M adhesive used on the Universal Interface will adhere to many non-porous flat surfaces such as plastic, glass, metal and painted surfaces. We have also achieved good results sticking it to silicone cases. You will need a surface of at least 2.16 x 2.56 inches (55 x 65mm) for the interface to be placed on. Make sure to clean the surface with an alcohol wipe before use. Stick on the interface to the surface by placing it on the surface and pressing down firmly for at least 30 seconds. The adhesive mount cannot be re-used, so make sure to position the adapter carefully. 


     What tools do I need to mount the Moto Stem Mount?

    The tools needed are included. It is best to position the angle of the arm first before tightening the screw.


    How do I mount the  the Anti Vibration Module?

    The Moto Mount Pro head can be exchanged with the Anti Vibration Module. Simply unscrew the mounted head with the allen key that is included and screw on the Anti Vibration Module in its place. This will help to reduce the vibrations by up to 60% (Please note that this can vary depending on the model of your motorcycle and the motor that is built into it). 


    What is the cost of shipping when I order a SP Connect item?

    For orders over ₤35 in the United Kingdom shipping is FREE! Shipping costs for lower order amounts are ₤4.99, this is shown to you at the last checkout stage. Further information on shipping costs can be found here


    Which shipping carrier will be used?

    Your order will be shipped via DPD from our warehouse in Austria, depending on your location in the UK your order will take 3-4 days to be delivered. Usually your order leaves our warehouse within 24 hours (excl. weekends and public holidays) of the order being placed. You will receive a tracking number via email when your order has been shipped.


    What is the returns and refund policy in the UK?

    We offer a 30 day money back guarantee policy. Returns can be sent to 
    SP United UK, 95229 York House, 
    Green Lane West, Preston, PR3 1PR, UK
    If you are not satisfied you are allowed to return your product for up to 30 days after purchase. There is also a 12 month warranty on all parts. If you want a refund or would like to return your item, send us an email to can find our complete return policy here.

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